A bit about me and The Wandering Brush

Indulge me if you would...... I am Lana to those who don't know me before I became an "artist" again here is a little bio and background on who I am (or think I am- always have to be a little existential) and what I hope to convey along this new journey in #watercolor. In my young years I could be found doing everything, sports, reading, creating art and just exploring. I never let one thing stick too long- these days they call it ADD, to me it's just been a curious mind. I was fortunate to have some inspiring art teachers and won several local youth awards, but my focus was always brought back to academics. When I got to college I shuffled around a bunch of course studies and liked how Art History brought everything in the world together where I could research a subject as it played out in history and found how it was communicated through art. The concepts were endless. I worked in several galleries, museums and still kept my hands busy with clay, oils, acrylics and charcoal. But as we all know, life happens. I have been told I have a "blessed" life, yet I have worked every day since I turned 16, at some points holding down 3 jobs, internships, and volunteer work. When it became time to go on my own after college I needed (like so many of us) to make real money and found myself loving the restaurant fell away over the years. I always have been a creative person, just found myself moving it into another realm, we call this being an adult (very over rated!) Married to my best friend and biggest fan, Eric Quann we were busy Building businesses, building homes, raising dogs and doing my best to enjoy living was the fastest way to watch 25 years fly by. But in 2017 after an unexpected job loss, I decided to return to art...this time I took on the task of teaching myself Watercolor. Watercolor is a difficult medium to master, I wasted a lot of paper. I was often frustrated but I learned a lot about patience during my years and applied that to learning. I now work 12 hour days, my brain is always full of ideas, I want to paint all the beauty we are fortunate to have all around us, if we just slow down and look. In 2019 I created "the Wandering Brush" despite all experts saying "find your niche and really hone in" I just couldn't paint one subject I've always had that Wandering mind....and as the old adage goes "Go where your mind wanders" I am inspired and compelled to find a way to express our natural beauty: local landscapes, animals, birds and of course Pet paintings. It all brings me so much joy and happiness to be able to share with you! Thanks for helping me through this journey, xo

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